Life – Fingerpainted Animation


Fingerpainting on glass board

This is a Painted Poem about Life. I made it on the boat travelling north, using my fingertips on a digital glass board.

It’s about 1000 individual drawings, pieced together as an animation.

I love to do animated  fingerpainting on the iPhone. To touch the glass with my fingertips feels natural – even more natural  than a pen to a paper.

Fingerpainting  is more like sculpturing shapes – like drawing a picture in a steamy or frosted window.

When the  hand is free – it involves visual – kinesthetic senses that I enjoy  – even though I´m dragging my fingertips across a digital screen.

Artwork: Me Music; Malin Skinnar & Celso Paco 

Malin Skinnar video creator, storyteller and visual artist