Lighthouse & landart – brass & glass sculptures

Lighthouse & Landart

Sketches by Malin Skinnar: Huge brass and glowing glass sculptures

Lighthouse twins; Lost and Found


Brass & Glass emotions

What in me  sparks the desire to create shiny sculptures? I don´t know! I usually like landart that disappears.  But suddenly I woke up full of brass and glass emotions.

I couldn´t look anywhere without silhouettes appearing. Some where moving, shivering or turning with the wind like a weather vane. I saw a lighthouse of glowing glass, like a secret waterway between two golden sisters. And a huge brass lady with hundreds of birds resting on her shoulders.

Brass and glowing glass – a fairway lighthouse at the port channel for lost and lonely hearts to navigate through sunset hour.

Landart: Flow
Landart: Ocean
Landart: Space
Brass & glass scultpture
Landart twins: Yggdrasil
Landart twins: Lost and Found
Malin Skinnar folkloric story portrayer

In the beginning there was nothing… let there be light.  יְהִי אוֹר

Malin Skinnar video creator, storyteller and visual artist
Landart Rugen, EU projekt