How many left – Senegal

How many left? - Beugue Démm, Dakar, Senegal

Beugue Démm

Dis moi, combien de Pirogues sont parties?

– Every morning there are some that have had enough  – They are ready to risk their lives to find something better – They leave in dangerous boats with or without a visa, with or without a passport  – How many left?  

This is our video from Dakar. Film editing by M Eraso & C H Dorta 


A shout to all of us who sometimes dream about a better place and an easier life

– somewhere else – far away

Tell me, how many boats have left

– and how many of them arrived…

Our Brothers and Sisters try to reach Spain or France or Italy.

I must be strong, I must find another way.

Please don’t enter the boats! Let’s find another solution!

EMIGRATION / Fulani Sarsara Band – composer Prefet Balde 

Au français

Beugue Démm  – Composer  Prefet Balde

Du jour au lendemain , tout le monde veut y aller

Soit en France , ou en Espagne

Muni d’un Passeport ou sans Passeport Détenant d’un Visa ou sans Visa Mais moi , je ne partirai pas

Je ne partirai pas en Europe avec ces Pirogues

Moi je ne partirai , je ne partirai pas là ou je perdrai ma vie

Dis moi combien de Pirogues sont parties

Combien de Pirogues

Dis moi combien de Pirogues sont parties

Combien de Pirogues

Combien de Pirogues Dis moi combien de pirogues sont parties

Fulani Sarsara Band - Emigration

Composer and lead singer Prefet Balde

Video editing and part of documentary by Michael Eraso & Carlos H Dorta, Barcelona, Spain.

Voices  Prefet Balde, Malin Skinnar, Djibril Kane, Aliou Toure Musicians Kora Youssou Koutoudio, Guitar; Sékou Kanté ,Guitar; Prefet Balde, Djembe; Ass Dieng ,Base; Lamin Faye

Photo from night roof rehearsal Luke Klein, Ohio Pictures in studio; Zico, Coach; El Hadji Ousmane Biaye,

Studio Dakar Lamin Fayo, Dakar Senegal, Sound 2; Carl Bromell, Malmö Sweden,

Rehearsal at the  Hostel roof of Ker Jahkarlo in Dakar, Senegal. Jahkarlo Production Dakar Senegal

Malin Skinnar video creator, storyteller and visual artist