Power of the polar bear, m:brane pitch

Kuitse, Tasiilaq, Greenland

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We are very happy to participate in m:brane:  Indigenous North Arctic  Welcome to read more about our film at Waysidestories;  Power of the polar bear.

Waysidestories animation

Waysidestories Animation by Malin Skinnar

Play and you become brave. With courage follows strength.

-Power of the polar bear© Malin Skinnar – with inspiration from Tasiilaq, East Greenland.

Mixed media, stop motion animation and storytelling

Lycklig i stormen på Sveriges högsta väg

Resilience and survival

In this  version of my children’s story about Kuitse and the Power of a Polar Bear, the main character has transformed into two: the fraternal twins Minik and Pani.

The themes, Resilience and Survival, are similar, but through the interaction and dynamic between the siblings my intent is to even stronger and clearer instill hope, empowerment, and self-esteem in the young audience of challenged communities.

Through their playing and curiosity the children get themselves into situations where strength and courage are required.

These qualities, however, are not depicted as finite goals or as the absence of fear, but rather as inner resources one may develop and reach for when needed.

And in the end, perhaps, the bravest thing one can do is to ask for help.

My intent is to bring out stories of hope and empowerment to challenged communities, stories in which the narrative and the dialogues speak of how mutual support and encouragement may lead to personal resilience and strength.

Through playfulness and mutual affirmation a sense of courage is built.

Courage, however, is not depicted as a finite goal or as the absence of fear, but rather as an inner resource one may develop and reach for when needed. And in the end, perhaps, the bravest thing one can do is to ask for help.

– The tale is inspired by a Greenlandic hunter who survived an attack by a polar bear and returned to his camp with inexhaustible strength.

In the story the narrator has a prominent part; also when the images may speak for themselves the voice is there as a guide, so that the child is never alone in watching.

Play and you become brave. With courage follows strength.

The tale’s theme is how to transform one’s fears into courage by being playful, hence the story is one of delight and security. Moreover, the narrative is conveyed through colorful and vivid imagery, plenty of music and dance, as well as dialogue and voice-over.

”One day the young hunter end up in a dance battle with a polar bear and falls into the bear’s maw …”

The story as we present it is the result of the numerous occasions that Malin as a performing storyteller have told it on stage, during which it transformed and became quite a different narrative than the legend it started out from.

This production is brought forward by Malin Skinnar, adventurer and multi-artist, as well as a team consisting of artists with various skills. 

Waysidestories Adventure from Greenland
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Waysidestories OU/Malin Stoyteller SE / TV-series for 4-6 yrs

Indigenous Arctic North, Rookie

Our tribe:

Creator Malin Skinnar: Storyteller, Director, Author, Illustrator, Video, Songs 

Adaptation Ingvar Karpsten & Malin Skinnar /Sweden/Estonia/Switzerland

Animator in future Lisa Scharf & Malin Skinnar, Estonia/Germany

Music Malin Skinnar andCelso Paco, Mozambique/Sweden

Sound  in future Carl Bromell/ Sweden

Production  Waysidestories OU/Estonia

Script from the book; Kuitse – Pojken som blev stark som en isbjörn / Malin Skinnar

Translations Iris Vogt – German/ Alex Ilea – Romanian /Lisa Scharf  – Estonian – Russian/ Rebecca Skinnar – English/ Carolina Const – Polish/ Ingvar Karpsten – Italian -French /

-Power of the polar bear© Malin Skinnar – www.malinstoryteller.com with inspiration from Tasiilaq, Ammassalik fjord, East Greenland.

Work in progress;  paper cut stop motion /mixed media.

Kuitse, Tasiilaq, Greenland
Malin Skinnar video creator, storyteller and visual artist