Graphic Novel Art – The River Within

Ord kommer i flock som fåglar, de väntar på att få bli hörda. The River Within

”The unheard …. they, the words gather in flocks, like birds when least expected. Stay, be still, await. Stories envelop our being, shaping the very fabric of our reality. Interviews become superfluous; what we truly need is someone who stays.

The narrative unfolds in the very moment another lends an ear, forging its own unique path. They are abundant—the unheard. The words emerge as speech bubbles, or perhaps like ethereal seeds from the tapestry of the world. They alight upon my cupped hand.

I listen. An embryonic universe rests in my palm. I cradle the lives of others. Then, I hear their hatching. On unsteady legs, they yearn for more—for sustenance, care, and sanctuary.

And one day, as they unfurl their wings, a completely new story takes form. This is the essence of being a storyteller: to listen, contemplate, and foster the fragile seeds of narratives, enabling them to flourish and blossom into their own distinct existence.“

The ongoing spring development of my documentary graphic novel project, ’Laments – she sang her tears,’ currently in progress. Malin Skinnar 230531, Sweden

Gallery of Graphic Novel Art - work in progress

During the spring of 2023, I studied Journalistic Documentary Comic’s at JoDoCo, at Malmö the department  of Visual Communication at Malmö University. I wanted to learn more about journalistic references and how to portray the people I encounter and tell their stories using a new narrative medium for me. It was an academic immersion for me in the journalistic compass and scientific approach.

As usual, I broke away from the category I was working with, and now my upcoming graphic novel is on its way to becoming a dance performance, animated storytelling, and exhibition.

This upcoming year, I will further develop the work on the graphic novel.

Sometimes it’s better to let a river of tears run down your cheeks than drown on the inside.

This is a Graphic Novel in progress. The River Within  – Laments by Malin Skinnar, Sweden.

– The stories that fill our lives are often too private, too secret, or too fragile to share with the world. But what if these stories could come to life through the characters we create?

This is the world of The River Within as the under titel of my Graphic Novel; Laments – She sang her tears.  My graphic novel,  explores the hidden depths of our minds and the stories that we carry within us. Text in Swedish, English and Romanian with inspiration from Finland, Estonia and Romania.

A cmic book about laments, by Malin Skinnar
Karaktärerna bor i skogar på landsbygden och berättar sin livshistoria
Documentary Comic about meeting on a beach in Estonia
Documentary Comic work in progress about Laments
A poetic documentary book about meetings in Estonia

Audiovisual Art Performance; Work in progress. -Åse Wallberg & Malin Skinnar, Sweden based dancer and storyteller explore an innovative fusion of dance and illustration; An Audiovisual experience. (

Project description: This will be a fusion of dance and illustration in this groundbreaking audiovisual performance. Åse Wallberg, the dancer breaks free from the silhouetted images projected on a large screen, bringing the illustrated characters to life through captivating improvised choreography. This collaboration captures the essence of artistry and technology, as the dancer’s movements are meticulously recorded and will be animated using advanced AI techniques. The result is a seamless integration of dynamic dance routines and vibrant illustrations, creating a visual slow feast for the senses. This is a unique production, where the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds blur.

Immerse yourself in a world where imagination the imaginative illustrations and the dancer intertwine in a new narrative.  It combines the art of storytelling, the beauty of dance, and the wonders of shadow play, stop motion art and AI-driven animation. The artists will explore the possibilities that arise when dance, illustration, storytelling, voice art and technology converge.

The progress of multidisciplinary art will be filmed and unfold before your eyes. With suport from Sveriges FilmFörbund and Kulturverkstan K-ringen, Motala, Sweden

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Worldbuilding, the landscape in the Graphic Novel by Malin Skinnar
Serieboken om gråterskesångare i öst av Malin Skinnar
Bildroman av MalinSkinnar om gråterskor och sångtraditioner i Estland, Finland och Rumänien
Ord kommer i flock som fåglar, de väntar på att få bli hörda. The River Within
Malin Skinnar, visual artist and storyteller